General Information

LANDMARK CAPITAL CJSC is an Armenian investment company providing a wide range of financial and investment services to its customers. The company offers its customers an opportunity to invest in Armenian securities as well as gives access to securities traded in the international market.

LANDMARK CAPITAL CJSC as an investment company was registered and licensed by the Central Bank of Armenia on March 29th, 2019.

The company's relationships with customers, partners, the Stock Exchange, the Central Bank and other government agencies will be based on principles of corporate ethics and legitimacy, honesty, mutual trust, the priority of customer interests, and transparency of the required information.

The company builds relations with its employees on the basis of long-term cooperation and mutual respect, as well as on the principles of proper performance of mutual obligations.

The company pays special attention to raising the level of professionalism of employees. The latter presupposes the promotion of continuous training and retraining of employees, promotion of team work, and application of internationally accepted approaches to encourage employees.

The Company provides information on its activities in accordance with RA legislation based on the principle of reliability and periodicity.

Potential customers of the Company may be any resident or non-resident of any legal or natural person who has an investment service contract with the company.

Our Mission

LANDMARK CAPITAL CJSC's mission is to offer its customers investment and financial services in line with international standards that will meet customer needs and will provide high returns for them.

The Company will provide individualized investment solutions to financial and physical persons and legal entities, particularly those engaged in or carrying out investment transactions. We build our customers' well-being through allocation and acquisition of finance, both through traditional and innovative technologies.

Our core business is based on individual approach to each customer, the highly professional skills, experience and innovation gained by the unified team.

The fundamental values of the company's business philosophy are:

  • Customer Supremacy: The company will build customer relationships with stable and lasting relationships,
  • Innovation: The company will offer customers innovative investment services
  • Transparency and Confidence: The company highly values customer confidence and relationships with them will be as transparent as possible,
  • Professionalism: To maintain the quality of the services offered, the Company supports the development of professional skills and knowledge of employees, through trainings, seminars, internal discussions and more.
  • Efficiency: The company will endeavor to diversify its risks to its customers.

We are not afraid to permanently challenge the generally accepted opinion and stimulate changes to increase growth. We strive to make our customers the center of our business, develop and maintain a long-term relationship based on trust.


To accomplish its mission, the company has set itself the following mid-term goals:

  1. Obtain the trust of the Company's customers and partners, providing international quality financial and investment services. The company will offer clients a service that has not yet been offered in the Armenian investment market, ie through the electronic platform for trading securities transactions.
  2. Develop specialized financial intermediation in Armenia as a result of directly linking savings to money demand, promoting the country's economic growth.
  3. Offer financial instruments appropriate to customer demand.
  4. Enhance the boundaries of the securities buying and selling by customers, giving them access to both stock and over-the-counter international markets.
  5. Introduce an effective system of internal control that is an important prerequisite for improving the efficiency of the Company's operations.

Organization Structure

LANDMARK CAPITAL CJSC is located and operates in Yerevan only. The company has no branches and representations yet. 

Below is the organizational structure of the company.

Significant Shareholders

The following are the direct participants of LANDMARK CAPITAL CJSC:

The following are the indirect participants of LANDMARK CAPITAL CJSC:

"LANDMARK CAPITAL" CJSC does not have subsidiaries.

Ownership and Team

Date of Birth 


Work Experience

  • Հայկական Զարգացման Բանկ ԲԲԸ – Վարկային և ներդրումային բաժնի պրակտիկանտ /2011-2012թթ․/
  • Հայկական Զարգացման Բանկ ԲԲԸ – Ֆինանսական շուկաների գործառնությունների բաժնի ավագ մասնագետ /2012-2013թթ․/
  • Հայկական Զարգացման Բանկ ԲԲԸ – Ֆինանսական շուկաների գործառնությունների բաժնի առաջատար մասնագետ /2013-2015թթ․/
  • Հայկական Զարգացման Բանկ ԲԲԸ – Ֆինանսական շուկաների գործառնությունների բաժնի գլխավոր մասնագետ /2015թթ․/
  • Բիբլոս Բանկ Արմենիա  ՓԲԸ – Գանձապետարան, մասնագետ /2015-2016թթ․/
  • Կոնվերս Բանկ ՓԲԸ – Ներդրումային ծառայությունների բաժին, գլխավոր մասնագետ /2016-2017թթ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – Պորտֆելի կառավարիչ /2019թ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – Գլխավոր բրոքեր – ֆինանսական վերլուծաբան /2020թ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – Գործադիր տնօրեն /2020թ․-առ այսօր/

Qualification Type

Investment Services Provider: Portfolio Manager

Date of Birth 


Work Experience

  • Էռնստ Էնդ Յանգ ՍՊԸ – Աուդիտոր /2008-2010թթ․/
  • ՈՒռալսիբ ԲԲԸ – Միջազգային ֆինանսական հաշվետվությունների դեպարտամենտ, Ավագ Փորձագետ /2010-2013թթ․/
  • Ինվեստտորգբանկ ԲԲԸ – Միջազգային ֆինանսական հաշվետվությունների դեպարտամենք, Առաջատար տնտեսագետ-հաշվապահ և բաժնի պետի տեղակալ /2013-2014թթ․/
  • ՎՏԲ Հայաստան Բանկ ՓԲԸ – Ռիսկերի վերլուծության ծառայության վերլուծական բաժին, վերլուծաբան /2015-2016թթ․/
  • Ռեջենթս Կապիտալ ՍՊԸ – փոխտնօրեն /2017-2019թթ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – գործադիր տնօրեն /2019 թ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – գործադիր տնօրենի տեղակալ /2020 – առ այսօր/

Established Date 


Company Description

AN Audit was formed in 1998 and provides industry-focused assurance, tax, advisory and accounting services to build public trust and enhance value for our clients and their stakeholders. The way we apply our knowledge and experience depends on what our clients want to achieve.

The firm that you know today was founded as Arshiar LLC and then was reorganized to AN Consult CJSC in 2004. From the outset, it has been rendering advisory and accounting services to its clients. Firm’s shareholders are skilled, experienced and well-known professionals which were the initiators of reforms in the field of accounting and audit in late 90s. The expertise and knowledge they contributed to the firm prepared itself as an audit services provider and in 2010 it was granted a license for conducting audit services. As a result, it was renamed as AN Audit CJSC.

Today, our staff comprises 18 highly qualified specialists of which 6 are certified auditors and 2 hold qualification certificates of the Central Bank of the RA. They form our core professional team which allows us to render high-quality professional services to a range of leading local and international companies.

For more information, please visit the Company's official website

Date of Birth 


Work Experience

  • Ռեջենթս Կապիտալ ՍՊԸ – ֆինանսական վերլուծաբան /2017-2019թթ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – բրոքեր-ֆինանսական վերլուծաբան /2019-2020թթ․/
  • Լենդմարկ Կապիտալ ՓԲԸ – ավագ բրոքեր-ֆինանսական վերլուծաբան /2019 առ այսօր/

Qualification Type

Investment Services Provider: Broker