Brokerage activity is the acceptance and submission of orders for securities or foreign currency transactions from clients, as well as the execution of securities or foreign currency transactions on behalf of the Company or the client and at the client's expense.


This service is provided on a contract basis between the client and the company. The client can be both an individual and a legal entity. The term of brokerage services is defined by the service contract.

Brokerage transactions are performed in both regulated and unregulated markets.



ATTENTION: In case of executing transactions in accordance with the order specified in the order the RISK is borne by the customer. The Company will NOT indemnify the Customer for damages if they were not caused by the Company's dishonest conduct.


We provide financial advice in the following areas:

  • advising clients on investing in securities,
  • Developing and disseminating securities research, financial analysis and other general investment proposals.

This service can be used by both natural and legal persons. The amount and terms of payment for consulting services shall be specified in the contract.

Foreign Exchange Operations

The company offers its clients currency exchange services, including spot, swap and forward transactions. Foreign exchange transactions enable the company to acquire quoted currencies at competitive exchange rates, as well as to reduce currency risks as much as possible in the conditions of constant exchange rates.

Best Effort Underwriting

We carry out the unsecured placement of securities issued by legal entities. In the case of an unsecured placement, the underwriter (Company) undertakes best efforts to place the entire volume of securities in the primary market but does not guarantee the placement of the securities in the primary market.

We also provide services related to the issuance and distribution of securities, in particular:

  • providing advice on securities issue terms, turnover, placement and redemption services,
  • Providing advice on preparing a prospectus for securities,
  • Preparation and registration of securities prospectus in the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia,
  • registration of securities at “Armenian Stock Exchange” OJSC,
  • etc.

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